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SMS & Digital Marketing

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SMS & Digital Marketing

SMS Marketing / Bulk SMS:

The company provides Bulk SMS services to businesses and individuals to reach the customers. SMS marketing is the most cost effective solution for any business who would like to update and inform about new products and services to its customers. Our company offers customized database that enables to reach your potential customers from all across India. We provided priority SMS delivery at most attractive prices for any volume.

We offer Bulk SMS at a price suitable for your need depending on your chosen interface. We have the fastest SMS delivery system in India. Available Interfaces:

  • SMTP : SMS Dispatch by Email
  • FTP : SMS Dispatch with File Transfer
  • XML : SMS Dispatch using HTTP
  • JAVA : SMS Dispatch/Receipt via TCP/IP
  • UCP : SMS Dispatch/Receipt via TCP/IP (Fast Carrier SMDC-Protocol)

Mobile Marketing and Advertising:

In this era of rapid advancement in cutting edge technology, the mobile phone has become an integral part of our daily existence. Stiffing competition in the telecom industry has pushed Telco to continuously invest in technology enhancements in the order to provide a better service to their subscribers at lowest possible tariffs. On the contrary, advertising is seen as a high revenue generating stream that is capable of sustaining high profits as it offers as exclusive interactive experience coupled with convenience, thereby making the mobile medium the most potent choice for advertising.

We capitalized on this opportunity and developed a total mobile advertising solution, which addresses the needs of all entities involved in mobile advertising (i.e. mobile operator, advertising agencies, advertisers and subscribers).

Our product is a Value Added Advertisement Service (VAAS) which allows advertisers to reach consumers directly on their mobile devices via various innovative mediums (i.e. SMS, MMS, WEB/WAP, IM, Video and Voice) in a non-intrusive manner, while helping to reduce the burden of subscriber tariffs and increase the operator Average Revenue per User.

Your benefits with Planet41

  • 24 x 7 Customer care
  • 24 x 7 Technical support
  • Faster, Economic and Efficient
  • Alphanumeric CLI instead 10 digit number for sending messages
  • SMS delivery in couple of second/minutes
  • Send thousands of SMS per second
  • Send SMS from your PC or Laptop - Anytime Anywhere
  • Online delivery status
  • Charge back for not reachable network credits
  • Bulk file upload facilities
  • API for integration with workflow applications
  • Two way SMS solution worldwide
Bulk SMS service for Stock Brokers: We have designed a special suite Bulk SMS for Stock Brokers.