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Planet41 is a mobile value added service provider that enables mobile aggregators and operators to deliver multimedia & other value added services to their subscribers. The company has created and aggregated 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 3.5G and 4G applications and products which can be routed over an Internet Protocol, or IP network and enables mobile operators to deliver multimedia services and solutions its general and enterprise consumer. Our products integrate multiple network functions and services needed for the delivery of advanced multimedia services such as video, Internet access, voice-over-IP, video conferencing, e-mail, mobile TV, photo sharing and gaming.

Our VAS applications and products provide six key, integrated capabilities that create enhanced revenue opportunities and facilitate reduced costs for mobile operators:

  • Intelligence To Shape The Subscriber Experience: Our products and services combine customize applications with significant processing power and memory to conduct a detailed inspection of each subscriber session and to associate that session with a subscriber need, operator service requirement or operator business policy.
  • High Performance: Our products are capable of handling increasing amounts of network traffic to support a large number of subscribers on one platform and provide high bandwidth and data processing rates for improved traffic capacity and flow. In addition, our applications provide high call transaction rates, which enhance the ability of our content and products to handle increasing amounts of network traffic, reduce unwanted delays in network traffic and allow the subscriber to have quick access to network services.
  • Simple and Flexible Network Architecture: Our products allow mobile operators to integrate a number of network functions and enhanced services into a single hardware platform. In addition to providing network functions such as access, management of subscriber sessions moving between networks and application of billing and other session policies, our applications are also capable of integrating advanced services that are typically deployed out of line from the session stream elsewhere in the network, such as enhanced charging and billing, firewall protection, security and content filtering.
  • Reliability and Redundancy: Our architecture provides a high level of resiliency and protects the subscriber's experience because all of our platforms' system resources, including those used for redundancy can be shared.
  • Exclusive Content and Next Generation Technologies: Our content and products are capable of supporting multiple access technologies, including CDMA and GSM/UMTS.  This capability allows mobile operators to deliver a uniform service experience to subscribers from a single platform, simplifying the network and limiting operator costs.
  • Well Positioned For Future Technology Upgrades: While designed for use in today's mobile networks, our products are also readily upgradeable to respond to evolving mobile operator environments or requirements and new technologies. Our platforms can typically provide new network functions or enhanced services through a software upgrade.

Content Management and Delivery Platform:

CMS is designed to offer network operators and multimedia content providers a complete media management platform designed to answer all their multimedia content distribution needs. The Content Delivery Platform uses existing SMS-Centers, Wap/mWeb interfaces or SMS Messaging Gateways to distribute multimedia contents using the customer preferred method: SMS, Push-Wap, Wap, apps and mobile-Web.

Efficient contents translators ensure that the most appropriate content format is delivered to the customer according to its media device and capabilities. This is possible thanks to advanced content translation algorithms and to an up-to-date device database.

We provide a complete solution package which allows you to create and maintain your MOBILE WAP/Web content portal easily through a web user interface. No technical knowledge is required to make and keep your mobile website working. Maintaining your mobile content distribution portal is as easy as writing e-mail or filling a web form. This solution is based on PHP and is mySQL database driven. WML WAP pages are dynamically generated by the script based on your settings.