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Products / OTT

OTT TV Platform

Planet41’s OTT TV platform is a next-generation TV: anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Our integrated suite of technologies and services lets over-the-top television providers expand their monetization options, using analytics to gather insights that drive increased digital video revenue.


Start monetizing your OTT content now with our OTT Platform which helps broadcasters and service providers to deliver linear, catch-up, Live TV, SVOD, TVOD, Radio content to any device, anywhere and drive maximum value out of both subscription and transaction models. As part of the Planet41’s OTT platform Ecosystem, it’s a fully managed, cloud-based service delivered over our world-class global video network. You can launch new channels quickly, expand into new markets across the globe, and use transaction and subscription packages to monetise your content and build new revenue streams. It’s the low cost, secure way to capitalise on one of the biggest opportunities in broadcasting history, we have you covered with a turn-key solution.

The platform provides all necessary features for OTT/IPTV operators and completely covers the OTT/IPTV distribution from a video source to a subscriber:

  • Video capturing from any source (DVB, IP, File archive)
  • Middleware solution for Operators, management of video streams and delivery of content
  • Adaptive video streaming to a wide range of devices
  • Support of over 15 playback platforms

TV Everywhere

Do you want to extend your cable TV service to the Internet or start a whole new IPTV or OTT service? We are here to help you. Using our flexible IPTV & OTT platform you will be able to launch the service rapidly and you will quickly see return on your investment. We will also help you migrate your existing customers and your content to our platform.

Multiscreen Apps

Support for various Smart TV and STB devices, including Android TV and Android based STBs, mobile devices and PC’s, enables you to decrease investment costs by selecting the best device manufacturer, while end users enjoy your TV service on any device, anytime, anywhere.

All our products come with a superior user experience increasing user engagement and ARPU. By mixing HTML5 technology and native technology, we create stunning user interfaces for your customers and help you differentiate on the market.


Our platform comes integrated with major billing systems, property management systems and online video services and enables you to easily monetize your content and services. Flexible platform architecture allows quick integration of new external systems, providing a solution tailored to your requirements.

Organization and appearance of the user interface with effective presentation of paid content and simple purchase options for separate content or service, packages and bundles is designed in a way to stimulate content consumption and help you increase ARPU.

Turnkey delivery

Turnkey delivery provides you with short time to market, professional project management and our experiences in complex integrations. We are fully committed to transfer knowledge and experience gathered at several similar IPTV/OTT deployments to your technical personnel, enabling a smooth launch of your TV service.

We have extensive experience in deploying turnkey solutions and we are working with the best partners in the industry to create an optimal and affordable turnkey package.

With our platform you can build an IPTV/OTT network of an unlimited scale. Our team will provide a professional assistance in setup and configuring of a solution in your location, as well as training of your staff.